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Frequently asked questions:

Have a question about the stock price?

A stock price is given for every share issued by a publically traded company. The price is a reflection of the company’s value. What the public is willing to pay for a piece of a company. It can rise or fall based on a company’s factor in the global landscape and within the company.

Want to know how we calculate?

The most popular method to determine the company’s stock value is the price-to-earnings ratio P/E ratio. It’s simple to use and the data is readily available.
The P/E ratio is calculated by dividing the price of the stock by the total, of its 12 months trailing earnings. Companies that are growing rapidly will have higher P/E ratios compared to mature businesses with slower growth rates.

Is stock investment is a good idea?

You know about stock profit, you already have an idea about stock investment, however, there are some indicators through which you can calculate to check the profitability of such an investment. One of these indicators is ROI- return on investment, which tells you what percentage of initial investment will return to you in the form of profit.

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